Svjetlana Bobanović-Ćolić, PhD

Zvanje: Research Assistant

MSc in Biology-Oceanology,
BSc in Biology.

Research Interests: 
Marine Microbiology (Bacterioplankton, Nanoflagellates, Cyanobacteria)

Research Projects: 
Project "Jadran” (from 1998)

Publications (relevant):
Jasprica, N., Carić, M. and S. Bobanović-Ćolić, 1994: Relationships between phytoplankton and bacterioplankton biomass in the Mali Ston Bay (southern Adriatic). Period. biol. 96(4), 480-482.
Viličić, D., Kršinić, F., Carić, M., Jasprica, N., Bobanović-Ćolić, S. and J. Mikuš, 1995: Plankton and hydrography in an moderately eutrophic eastern Adriatic bay (Gruž Bay). Hydrobiologia 304, 9-22.
M. Peharda, M. Carić, N. Jasprica, A. Benović, D. Lučić, V. Onofri and S. Bobanović-Ćolić, 2000: Ecological characteristics of Mljet island seawater lakes (South Adriatic Sea) with special reference lakes to medusae. Scientia Marina ,64,197-206.

Societal membership: 
Croatian Biological Society 1885