Rade Garić, PhD

Zvanje: Research Scientist
e-mail: rade.garic@unidu.hr


2013. - PhD, Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia 
2006. - BSc, Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Research Interests:
Taxonomy and Ecology of Marine Zooplankton


as collaborator: 
2015-2019 - Influence of thermohaline circulation variations in the Eastern Mediterranean on the plankton community of the South Adriatic: ecological and genetical approach (AdMedPLan), HRZZ, IP-2014-09-2945. 
2008- 2013 "Structural and trophic relations in the Adriatic Sea pelagic ecosystem" (MZOS-Croatia). 
2015 - 2018 - MORUS: Unmanned system for maritime security and environmental monitoring. Funded by: The NATO Science for Peace and Security Programs. 
2015 - 2017 - Eurofleets 2: ESAW "Evolution and spreading of the Southern Adriatic Waters". EU funds. 

List of publications (the most important):

Batistić, Mirna, Garić Rade (2016). The case of Bougainvillia triestina Hartlaub 1911 (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria), a 100-year-long struggle for recognition. Marine Ecology: an evolutionary perspective, 37 (1), 145-154. 

Garić, Rade, Batistić Mirna (2016). Description of Brooksia lacromae sp.nov. (Tunicata, Thaliacea) from the Adriatic Sea. European Journal of Taxonomy, 196, 1-13. 

Ciglenečki, Irena; Janeković, Ivica; Marguš, Marija; Bura-Nakić, Elvira; Carić, Marina; Ljubešić, Zrinka; Batistić, Mirna; Hrustić, Enis; Dupčić, Iris; Garić, Rade (2015). Impacts of extreme weather events on highly eutrophic marine ecosystem (Rogoznica Lake, Adriatic coast). Continental shelf research. 108; 144-155. 

Batistić, Mirna; Garić, Rade; Molinero, Juan Carlos (2014). Interannual variations of zooplankton in the Adriatic Sea mirror shifts in circulation regimes in the Ionian Sea. Climate Research, 61 (3), 231-240. doi: 10.3354/cr01248. 

Najdek, Mirjana; Paliaga, Paolo; Šilović, Tina; Batistić, Mirna; Garić, Rade; Supić, Nastjenjka; Ivančić, Ingrid; Ljubimir, Stijepo; Korlević, Marino; Jasprica, Nenad; Hrustić, Enis; Dupčić Radić, Iris; Blažina, Maria; Orlić, Sandi (2014). Picoplankton community structure before, during and after convection event in the offshore waters of the southern Adriatic Sea. Biogeosciences. 11, 2645-2659. 

Batistić, Mirna; Lučić, Davor; Carić, Marina; Garić, Rade; Licandro, Priscilla; Jasprica, Nenad (2013). Did the alien calycophoran Muggiaea atlantica outcompete its native congeneric M. kochi in the marine lakes of Mljet Island (Croatia)?. Marine Ecology. 34, S1; 3-13. 

Batistić, Mirna; Jasprica, Nenad; Carić, Marina; Čalić, Marijeta; Kovačević, Vedrana; Garić, Rade; Njire, Jakica; Mikuš, Josip; Bobanović- Ćolić, Svjetlana (2012). Biological evidence of a winter convection event in the South Adriatic: A phytoplankton maximum in the aphotic zone. Continental shelf research. 44 (1); 57-71. 

Garić R, Batistić M (2011). Fritillaria ragusina sp. nov., a new species of Appendicularia (Tunicata) from the Adriatic Sea. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 91(2), 555-559. 

All published papers see at: www.bib.irb.hr


Comission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la mer Méditerranée (Monaco). 


since 2014 teaching assistant in courses: "Genetics in aquaculture" and "Genetics of Mediterranean fishes and bivalves"