Sixth Croatian Botanical Symposium


Croatian Botanical Society is pleased to invite you to participate in and contribute to the Sixth Croatian Botanical Symposium which will be held on 30-31 August 2019 in the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia. The purpose of the Sixth Croatian Botanical Symposium is to promote cooperation and exchange of scientific and professional knowledge and experiences among the domestic botanists and colleagues from other countries. The main objectives are encouraging and publishing research of national flora and vegetation, international cooperation, development of multi-disciplinary collaboration with experts from the related research activities, and education of botanists and related experts, highlighting the importance of expertise sharing with colleagues from different countries.


The program will include invited plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations, and round tables.

Official languages are Croatian and English. For non-Croatian speakers abstracts are prepared only in English.




  1. Evolution, taxonomy and phylogeny.
  2. Flora, ecology, vegetation and biogeography.
  3. Physiology, anatomy and morphology.
  4. Conservation biology, environmental and nature protection.
  5. Education, promotion and progress in Botany.
  6. Applied botany.