Visa Requirements

Croatia is an open country, visited by thousands of tourists each year and most do not need visa. However, it should be checked at the nearest Croatian embassy or consulate or at the website
Please plan your visa application at least 3 months ahead the event to avoid any visa request deadlines.
List of countries requiring a visa:
If you are requested to provide a formal IDS2008 invitation letter, please contact Ms. Katija Dolina at: and send her the below information:

1. Personal information:

    - Your name and surname
    - Date and place of birth
    - Nationality
    - Domicile (your home address)
    - Profession

2. Travel document (passport)

    - Travel document number
    - Place of issue
    - Date of issue
    - Date of expiry

3. Your temporary (or hotel) address in Dubrovnik.

It would be useful to send a copy (as attachment by E-mail or fax) of the front pages of the Passport.